Utah SBDC Webinar Series

Protecting Your Business Against Cyber Attacks

 Rand Layton, an expert cyber security consultant, will pull back the curtain to help you understand who these people are, why they are trying to hack your computer, and how to protect your business from falling victim to their ploys. This is much more than those simple “don’t click an unknown link” strategies. You’ll come away with an understanding of how to safeguard yourself and make intelligent decisions on how to best protect yourself, your systems, and anyone else involved with your business.
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Rand Layton

​​​​​​​With over 15 years as a Cyber Security Strategist, Rand educates organizations on the importance of Cyber Security Strategies to protect businesses critical assets. Working with all sizes of businesses ranging from local stores on Main Street to the Wall Street Fortune 100, he is an expert on helping business stakeholders protect what they've worked so hard to create. Rand lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, with his family. He is an avid helicopter pilot and has a dog named Shark that he has learned from experience to leave at home when he goes to the beach.