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Financing Your Business

This e-counseling module is designed to help entrepreneurs and business owners navigate the process of securing capital for their ventures. By providing a clear understanding of key financial terms and identifying business needs, this course enables learners to explore various sources of capital, prepare for meetings with lenders, and make informed decisions about loan amounts and financial partners. The course also delves into government programs and the support offered by the State of Utah for businesses of all sizes, ensuring that participants are well-equipped to responsibly finance their enterprise and drive sustainable growth.
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Empower Your Business with the Right Financing

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What to Expect

Through this course you can expect to gain valuable insights into the world of business financing. Starting with an introduction to the course, you will then delve into identifying your financial needs and assessing your budget. As you progress, you'll explore various sources of capital, weigh their pros and cons, and learn how to prepare for meetings with lenders. You'll also discover how to choose the right funding amount and financial partner, as well as understand the support offered by government programs. Throughout the course, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions, test your knowledge with quizzes, and gain a well-rounded understanding of securing capital for your business. Be sure to check the detailed course overview provided below for a full breakdown of the lessons and topics covered.

Estimated Time to Complete:

30-45 Minutes