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Forming Your Business

If you’re planning on starting a business in Utah, you’re in good company. Utah boasts the eighth best tax and regulatory environment in the US, according to the US Chamber of Commerce, and ranks sixth on the small business survival index.

The State of Utah has regulatory oversight of businesses operating in Utah. Therefore, all businesses operating in the state must register with the Department of Commerce and be licensed with a city or county. The type of business you choose to form depends on your industry, investment opportunities, and more. This course will help you navigate among the most common types of businesses in Utah, form and register your business type, and compare pros and cons of different business types. We also discuss resources from the State of Utah and other government groups, as well as key business terms. By the end of this module, you’ll be on your way to forming and registering a business. So let’s start learning about which type of business will meet your goals. 
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What to Expect

Through these eCounseling modules, you'll dive into the essentials of business formation in Utah, understanding the landscape that makes the state a thriving environment for startups and established businesses alike. You'll start by exploring different business structures, understanding their nuances, and learning how to select the one that best fits your aspirations and industry. From Sole Proprietorships to Cooperative Associations, each session is designed to unfold the complexities of each structure, highlighting their pros and cons.
Moreover, you'll navigate the practical steps of registering your business with the appropriate state authorities, leveraging government resources, and understanding critical business terms that are foundational to your venture's success. These modules aren't just about theory; they're about setting you on the right path, armed with the knowledge you need to form, run, and grow your business effectively in Utah.

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30-45 Minutes