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Managing Your Employees

Small business owners create organizational structures and processes that allow them to manage staff and ensure retention. This involves choosing a type of hierarchy, having a system to hire and onboard staff, using proven methods to support teams, and deciding when to outsource. Savvy owners give their staff responsibility to contribute to the business, while leaving room for personal creativity, vision, and innovation. In this course you’ll learn best practices guiding employment management and retention strategies. We describe the thorough support Utah and federal programs provide for job seekers and those seeking employees, and review key terms. By the end of this module you’ll have more confidence to lead your company and employees toward success.
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What to Expect

These modules on managing your employees will provide you with the knowledge and strategies to create effective organizational structures and processes for staff management and retention. You'll learn about different types of hierarchies, systems for hiring and onboarding, proven methods to support and develop teams, and how to balance individual creativity with shared goals.

The modules will cover key employee management and retention strategy terms, leadership and team-building techniques, organizational structures, and leveraging government resources to support your efforts. By the end of the course, you'll be better equipped to manage people effectively, foster a positive work environment, and navigate the legal and regulatory aspects of being an employer in Utah.

Estimated Time to Complete:

30-45 Minutes